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Day One with Apple Watch: An Extreme Use Case

Day One with Apple Watch

My Watch arrived late Tuesday (April 28) evening. After initial setup and adding my credit cards to Apple Pay, I set out to configure the Watch App on Phone to maximize battery life and improve the overall experience.

Items I configured on Watch App

  • muted the sound under Sounds & Haptics
  • turned screen brightness level to the lowest setting under Brightness & Text Size
  • culled my notifications on Watch; not mirrored from my Phone
  • turned on Prominent Haptic under Sounds & Haptics
  • installed Watch apps manually

Here’s a screenshot of my Watch App layout

My Apple Watch App Layout

My log of events throughout the day

  • Put on the Watch at 6:30am with 100% battery life.
  • Checked the weather to see if I needed a wear a light jacket.
  • Changed the watch face to Chronograph and modified the background color to match my shirt.
  • Read Twitter timeline and messages on Watch while eating breakfast
  • Sent/Receive a dozen or so messages to my wife to include my heartbeat and digital sketches.
  • Used Maps to navigate for an hour commute to work
  • Did a 30min walk workout during lunch using the Runtastic to see if the data is shared with the Health/Activity App.
  • While stuck in rush hour traffic on the way home, I put Siri through its paces by performing tasks such as adding reminders and (20) Internet searches delivered to my wrist. If you need to ask quickly Siri a question, press and hold the Digital Crown. Saying ”Hey Siri” takes anywhere from 2-3 seconds to load the Siri screen in my experience
  • Changed/Customized the Watch face to the Utility face around 5:30pm with roughly 37% battery.
  • Checked my Twitter feed from my wrist while outside walking the dog
  • Used the Watch to receive a phone call and talked for 5 minutes
  • Installed Babbel & IHG Translator Apps and tested English to Japanese & English to Spanish translation from on my wrist
  • Set the Watch on the charger with 10% battery life at 11:30pm as I prepared for bed.

The purpose of Day 1 was to replicate what I considered a relatively extreme use case based on previous experience with using wearables like the Moto360 and Google Glass. I’ll report back at a later date with an in-depth analysis and possible use cases such as using the Watch while traveling, taking notes and using Apple Watch to control your presentations.


My Apple Watch App Wishlist

Apple Watch Apps

Beyond the apps that come with Apple the Watch and 3rd party apps already mentioned by Apple during the September event, here’s my list of must have apps for the Apple Watch. Read CNET’s articles for a comprehensive list of apps coming with the Apple Watch.

Social Networking
Foursquare/Swarm – Besides the obvious reasons of check-in functionality at places, this will be my go-to app for finding the best places nearby.

Evernote – A quick way to capture notes via dictation and recall later via Evernote.

OneNote – Like Evernote (yes I use both), I want the ability to dictate a note quickly using voice.

OfficeTime – I use this app daily to track time working on projects. Having an app on my Apple Watch to start/stop time worked on tasks or in meetings will be a huge plus in my book. Win an Apple Watch! OfficeTime is giving away the base $350 Apple Watch and $100 towards the watch strap. Go here to enter to win –

TripIt – Ability to get real-time flight alerts for delays, cancellations as well as provide my travel itinerary.

OpenTable – Quickly make a reservation by searching by restaurant name or say nearby to book it.

Best Parking – Easily locate parking lots and garages nearby.

Shazam – Recognize the music playing around me.

The list of Watch apps listed above are ones I believe will serve as a best use cases for the Watch.

WatchAware has provides a WatchApps that enables visitors to see an interactive demo of 3rd party WatchApps slated to come to Apple Watch.

Apple Watch on Young Girl

Apple Watch will ultimately bring an end to the iPhone as we know it


According to TechCrunch, people that have worn the Apple Watch have reported using their iPhones less during day-to-day activities. One person indicated that they nearly stopped using their iPhone during the day where prior to the Watch they checked their iPhone regularly.

Divergence from the iPhone

My experience has been very similar to what TechCrunch reported. I currently use a Moto 360 smartwatch. I spend less time using my phone to view emails, text messages, and notifications. As a result, the micro-interactions I experience on my smartwatch gives me more time allowing me to focus on one particular action at a time.

If the Watch kills the iPhone, then the iPhone transforms into the iPad

With the recent increase in size of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, most users don’t have a need for a tablet anymore especially if you have an iPhone 6 Plus. Over the next couple of generations, the Apple Watch will gain improved battery life, and a chance it will have cellular connectivity. The iPad currently is the main and only computer for lots of individuals. I know many people who don’t use a PC and own tablets only (some with a Bluetooth keyboard) to check social media, browse the Internet, send/receive emails. We’re soon going to see people with laptops  in niche markets/trades such as engineers, developers, designers, and other professions only requiring devices with more horsepower.

In the end, smartwatches like the Apple Watch will return us to a day before the smartphone ever became famous. A period, where we spent less our day buried into a smartphone and more time enjoying life. Personally, I’ve been using a smartphone since 2000 and after 15 years I’m ready to ditch my phone altogether especially after two years of using a wearable device. The day the Apple Watch gets cellular connectivity, without sacrificing battery life, is the day I dump my iPhone and just use my iPad for heavy lifting.