Back to the Future 2

The Future is Now: Going Back to the Future with My Tech Predictions for 2015

It’s been nearly 25 years since I last watched the 1989 film “Back to the Future 2”. The “Back to the Future 2” movie was set on October 21, 2015. Marty McFly, Jennifer (Marty’s girlfriend) and Doc Brown travel 30 years into the future to save Marty’s future kids from a life of prison.

Last night, I couldn’t resist the urge to watch Back to the Future 2 once again. As I watched I found the film tech predictions appeared close to many technologies, I use now and perceive coming to fruition this year. Therefore, I prognosticate many of these technologies listed becoming widely utilized by the end 2015.


I predict the advent of smartwatches will be an enormous success especially with the launch of the Apple Watch early this year. I’ve been using the Moto 360 Android Wear for months now. Like Doc Brown in Back to the Future 2, I regularly use my smartwatch to get timely notifications such as weather forecast, health/sports stats, as well as traffic, and social media alerts. I can attest to the usefulness of smartwatches and how less I use my smartphone for micro-interactions.


Marty McFly’s kids in Back to the Future 2 use augmented reality/smart glasses. Google Glass has been in beta for almost two years with an expected consumer launch in 2015. Lately, Google has been quiet on Glass updates. Many Glass Explorers haven’t seen an update in months. I predict at Google IO 2015 we’ll see a major announcement around Google Glass and other more companies will announce their own version of Google Glass.

Technology-enabled apparel

Technology-enabled fashion as seen in Back to the Future 2 is predicted to come a reality for us in 2015. In a blog post, Tinker Hatfield, Lead Designer at Nike, confirmed Nike is already planning on launching self-tying, power lace shoes later this year. Adidias and New Balance just to name a few are also working on technology-enabled clothing.

Biometric Payments

Paying with your thumb in the Back to the Future 2 film is a standard method for transactions. In September 2014, Apple announced Apple Pay with the release of iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus. With millions of Android smartphones, iPhone 6 users, plus as more merchants integrate NFC technology into brick and mortar stores/restaurants, biometric payment is going to be huge in 2015.

Autonomous driving

In Back to the Future 2 we didn’t see any evidence of a self-driving vehicle but in our version of 2015, I believe we’ll see automakers such as Ford and Audio make strides in this area not to mention Google’s self-driving car project that might reveal actual use cases later this year.

Home Automation/Smart Home

Lastly, home automation was kinda of a thing in Back to the Future 2. The ability to use voice to turn on your lights, control the TV and operate electronics from connected devices is in the not too distant future. With Apple’s HomeKit and Google’s home automation technology like the Nest, 2015 will mark the year home automation takes off.

The Future is Now!

Without a doubt 2015 is going to be a big year in terms of wearables (smartwatches, smartglasses), home automation, self-driving vehicles and tech-enabled clothing.  Back to the Future 2 wasn’t exactly dead-on the predictions however it was close enough. For instance, the idea of flying vehicles is not something I anticipate coming this year or in the near future. While, on the other hand, there’s a possibility hover boards is possible in 2015 but I highly doubt they’ll be at a price point the majority of consumers will be able to afford.