Norris Apple Watch

Day One with Apple Watch: An Extreme Use Case

Day One with Apple Watch

My Watch arrived late Tuesday (April 28) evening. After initial setup and adding my credit cards to Apple Pay, I set out to configure the Watch App on Phone to maximize battery life and improve the overall experience.

Items I configured on Watch App

  • muted the sound under Sounds & Haptics
  • turned screen brightness level to the lowest setting under Brightness & Text Size
  • culled my notifications on Watch; not mirrored from my Phone
  • turned on Prominent Haptic under Sounds & Haptics
  • installed Watch apps manually

Here’s a screenshot of my Watch App layout

My Apple Watch App Layout

My log of events throughout the day

  • Put on the Watch at 6:30am with 100% battery life.
  • Checked the weather to see if I needed a wear a light jacket.
  • Changed the watch face to Chronograph and modified the background color to match my shirt.
  • Read Twitter timeline and messages on Watch while eating breakfast
  • Sent/Receive a dozen or so messages to my wife to include my heartbeat and digital sketches.
  • Used Maps to navigate for an hour commute to work
  • Did a 30min walk workout during lunch using the Runtastic to see if the data is shared with the Health/Activity App.
  • While stuck in rush hour traffic on the way home, I put Siri through its paces by performing tasks such as adding reminders and (20) Internet searches delivered to my wrist. If you need to ask quickly Siri a question, press and hold the Digital Crown. Saying ”Hey Siri” takes anywhere from 2-3 seconds to load the Siri screen in my experience
  • Changed/Customized the Watch face to the Utility face around 5:30pm with roughly 37% battery.
  • Checked my Twitter feed from my wrist while outside walking the dog
  • Used the Watch to receive a phone call and talked for 5 minutes
  • Installed Babbel & IHG Translator Apps and tested English to Japanese & English to Spanish translation from on my wrist
  • Set the Watch on the charger with 10% battery life at 11:30pm as I prepared for bed.

The purpose of Day 1 was to replicate what I considered a relatively extreme use case based on previous experience with using wearables like the Moto360 and Google Glass. I’ll report back at a later date with an in-depth analysis and possible use cases such as using the Watch while traveling, taking notes and using Apple Watch to control your presentations.


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