Apple Watch Workout Summary

 100 Impressive Things You Can Do on an Apple Watch

  1. Use your voice to dictate notes using Evernote app
  2. Use voice to create reminders
  3. Get turn by turn directions from your wrist while walking
  4. Get flight status updates from airline apps
  5. Make/Receive phone calls
  6. Send/Receive text messages from your wrist
  7. Store flight boarding pass & tickets
  8. Pay for things from your wrist via Apple Pay
  9. Control music on Apple TV, iTunes Library, & iTunes Radio on Mac or PC
  10. Play music stored on iPhone or Watch and listen via Bluetooth headphones
  11. Receive weather forecasts & updates
  12. Get stock updates
  13. Set an Alarm
  14. Use as a Stopwatch
  15. Set timer for a specific event
  16. View/Change Watch face & World Clock
  17. Act as a Viewfinder/Camera Remote for iPhone
  18. Display favorite photos from Watch
  19. Get meeting reminders as well as accept/decline meeting invites
  20. Set 3 daily fitness goals
  21. Remind you to stand up for at least 1 minute every hour
  22. Assist you with hitting your personal calorie burn goal
  23. Reminds you to complete at least 30 min of exercise per day
  24. Set a Workout Goal among popular activities such as running, bicycling, or to any gym equipment
  25. Obtain guided help on yoga poses with the GAIAM app
  26. Monitor/track workout goals at a glance
  27. See an entire summary of your workout goal
  28. Earn badges when you’ve met goals or milestones
  29. Check your heart rate anytime
  30. Send/Respond/Favorite Tweets via Twitter App
  31. Pin a nearby place using Pinterest App
  32. Get current baseball scores via MLB App
  33. Use your Watch as a room key with SPG Starwood Hotels & Resorts App
  34. Chat via Wechat
  35. Keep up with your Instagram posts
  36. Use Watch to control your alarm, garage doors, and security via App
  37. Execute a ten week training plan from your wrist via Runtastic App
  38. View a calendar of upcoming astronomical events via Sky Guide
  39. Track public transit departure times
  40. Request a car from your wrist via Uber App
  41. Send/Receive heartbeats to & from a close friend
  42. Send/Receive animated emoticons
  43. Get breaking news, sports, & more from a dozen of news apps like CNN, Yahoo, NYTimes, ESPN, NPR, & more…
  44. Find all items on your Target shopping list via store-specific locations
  45. Discover nearby open houses and homes for sale from your wrist via Redfin App
  46. Get recommendations on how to cook a dish
  47. Find information on a place nearby using the TripAdvisor app
  48. Identify music and TV playing close-by via Shazam App
  49. Track/monitor project activities & time from your wrist via OfficeTime
  50. Collaborate with teams from your wrist via Hall app
  51. Get insights on customer pipeline, update a case, & more via Salesforce Wave App
  52. Get a summary of your daily activities & calories burned
  53. View & respond to notifications from your iPhone
  54. Monitor your vehicle charge status and more via BMW iRemote
  55. Check dinner reservations via OpenTable app
  56. Track and monitor auctions/bids via EBay app
  57. Pay the parking meter from your wrist using PayByPhone Parking
  58. Control the lights in your home
  59. Track how much food and water you consumed during the day
  60. Check your checking, savings, and credit card balances via CitiMobile Lite app
  61. Skip a track or two using the Pacemaker DJ App
  62. Get check-in/check-out times at Hotels from Expedia App
  63. Learn new languages from your wrist relevant to your location via the Babbel App
  64. Use Watch as a remote to control tones, tuner and levels via AMPLiFI Guitar App
  65. Monitor your monthly spending budget from your wrist with MintPersonal Finance App
  66. Play a puzzle game using BoxPop App
  67. Play a daily brain teaser game with Rules! App
  68. Manage daily commit tasks you’ve shared with teams using CommitTo3 App
  69. Get traffic updates & travel times at a Glance
  70. Switch to Airplane mode
  71. Control the volume on watch
  72. Enable Do Not Disturb
  73. Enable Bluetooth
  74. Set/Change a passcode for security on wrist
  75. Ping your iPhone, if you’ve misplaced it
  76. Put Watch in Power Reserve mode to last up to 72hrs
  77. Control Watch display brightness
  78. Search the Internet for information
  79. Start an action such as a call, and email from Watch and handoff to iPhone
  80. Get reminders to sit less and move more
  81. Get prompts on presentation topics & timing via the Prompt app.
  82. Read RSS news via Feed Wrangler App
  83. Take a screenshot of Watch by tapping the digital crown and side button
  84. Press and hold to activate Force Touch to bring up context-sensitive choice
  85. Triple tap the digital crown to launch the Accessibility Options
  86. Tap the side button to bring up Friends
  87. Tap and hold the digital crown to activate Siri
  88. Say “Hey, Siri” to activate Siri
  89. Double tap the digital crown to switch between watch face and the last app used
  90. Tap the digital crown anytime to get to the home screen
  91. Swipe up on Watch to see Glances
  92. Get real time meeting info and inside story from your wrist using the LowDown App
  93. Use Pocketbook App on Watch to get real-time health check on your personal finances
  94. Get alerted when the International Space Station is due to fly over
  95. See at-a-glance the rise and set times of the Sun, Moon and planets on your wrist
  96. Use your Watch as a color palette and remote control for painting on iPhone
  97. Speak English into Watch & get spoken translation into 13 languages or by choosing from a selection of common phrases via IHG Translator App
  98. Search for and buy products from your wrist using Amazon’s App
  99. Track current productivity goals via BetterWorks App
  100. Control your Keynote/PowerPoint presentations from your wrist




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