My Apple Watch App Wishlist

Apple Watch Apps

Beyond the apps that come with Apple the Watch and 3rd party apps already mentioned by Apple during the September event, here’s my list of must have apps for the Apple Watch. Read CNET’s articles for a comprehensive list of apps coming with the Apple Watch.

Social Networking
Foursquare/Swarm – Besides the obvious reasons of check-in functionality at places, this will be my go-to app for finding the best places nearby.

Evernote – A quick way to capture notes via dictation and recall later via Evernote.

OneNote – Like Evernote (yes I use both), I want the ability to dictate a note quickly using voice.

OfficeTime – I use this app daily to track time working on projects. Having an app on my Apple Watch to start/stop time worked on tasks or in meetings will be a huge plus in my book. Win an Apple Watch! OfficeTime is giving away the base $350 Apple Watch and $100 towards the watch strap. Go here to enter to win –

TripIt – Ability to get real-time flight alerts for delays, cancellations as well as provide my travel itinerary.

OpenTable – Quickly make a reservation by searching by restaurant name or say nearby to book it.

Best Parking – Easily locate parking lots and garages nearby.

Shazam – Recognize the music playing around me.

The list of Watch apps listed above are ones I believe will serve as a best use cases for the Watch.

WatchAware has provides a WatchApps that enables visitors to see an interactive demo of 3rd party WatchApps slated to come to Apple Watch.


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