Apple Watch on Young Girl

Apple Watch will ultimately bring an end to the iPhone as we know it


According to TechCrunch, people that have worn the Apple Watch have reported using their iPhones less during day-to-day activities. One person indicated that they nearly stopped using their iPhone during the day where prior to the Watch they checked their iPhone regularly.

Divergence from the iPhone

My experience has been very similar to what TechCrunch reported. I currently use a Moto 360 smartwatch. I spend less time using my phone to view emails, text messages, and notifications. As a result, the micro-interactions I experience on my smartwatch gives me more time allowing me to focus on one particular action at a time.

If the Watch kills the iPhone, then the iPhone transforms into the iPad

With the recent increase in size of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, most users don’t have a need for a tablet anymore especially if you have an iPhone 6 Plus. Over the next couple of generations, the Apple Watch will gain improved battery life, and a chance it will have cellular connectivity. The iPad currently is the main and only computer for lots of individuals. I know many people who don’t use a PC and own tablets only (some with a Bluetooth keyboard) to check social media, browse the Internet, send/receive emails. We’re soon going to see people with laptops  in niche markets/trades such as engineers, developers, designers, and other professions only requiring devices with more horsepower.

In the end, smartwatches like the Apple Watch will return us to a day before the smartphone ever became famous. A period, where we spent less our day buried into a smartphone and more time enjoying life. Personally, I’ve been using a smartphone since 2000 and after 15 years I’m ready to ditch my phone altogether especially after two years of using a wearable device. The day the Apple Watch gets cellular connectivity, without sacrificing battery life, is the day I dump my iPhone and just use my iPad for heavy lifting.




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