Google Glass is best suited as a Push Device

Google Wearable Devices

Google Wearable Devices

Why I think Google Glass is best suited as a push device & smart watches for retrieving data

The Google I/O 2014 broadcasted a number of wearable sessions to include both Android Wear & Google Glass. After I watched several IO sessions, it has me thinking Google Glass is better suited as a wearable to push content (pictures, videos, messages, & notes) from the device to the cloud and Android Wear as device to retrieve content (notifications) from your smartphone.

Since getting prescription frames for Glass, I’ve been using Glass full-time with the exception of whilst tethered to my PC. However, while on the go I’m usually inundated with notifications especially in certain areas of downtown Atlanta where the Field Trip app keeps feeding me information on places and attractions in the vicinity. This usually drains my battery life down considerably to where I can’t get a full day of battery life. In my experience, Glass is for short micro transactions but when those micro-transactions become overwhelming or an enormous distraction its time to change the way you use it. The exception to the rule of course is when I request information to Glass. For instance, when asking Glass for directions, or finding a place using the Foursquare app.

The majority of the time I prefer to push content from Glass to the cloud. My favorite use cases are posting a picture to social media, posting a quick note to Evernote or Google Drive, creating a grocery list via voice using Shop X, check-in to Foursquare, or even upload a video to Youtube directly from Glass. These use cases represent the best examples of how Glass works best for me – pushing content handsfree to the cloud or paired devices.

Android Wear (smart watches), on the other hand, was produced to pull content from your smartphone. For the reasons I noted above, I can see myself wearing both Google Glass and a smart watch (like the Moto360) albeit not 100% all the time. The smart watch is the all the time device to use even while tethered to my computer and is the perfect companion to the smartphone to receive notifications from Google Now and apps. Again, I hope there’s some control over the frequency of notifications especially during certain times of the day.

In any case, I’m excited about the advent of wearables and curious to see how I will use both and observe how others are using them in the wild.


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