Google Glass Prescription Frames: First Step in making the tech seem invisible

I recently ordered my prescription frames from Google (Titanium Bold) which arrived today. For the past 7 months as an Explorer, my preference was to use the clip on shades with Glass versus Glassless headband especially since 99% of the time I wore Glass out on sunny day or swap between the clear and shade clip-on as needed. I particular found this frustrating and wished for prescription transition lenses to become available for Glass.

Insurance coverage thru VSP
My vision coverage is thru VSP so I found it interesting that VSP already includes an option to search for providers that service Google Glass.

Click the link below to find a doctor that are Glass certified.

Keep in mind that all VSP doctors are undergoing the certification process for Google Glass, however you can still go to one that’s not certified to get your lenses for Glass. Apparently, they all have access to the information via their central database. Or you can call the local VSP provider in your area to inquire to when they expect to be Google Glass certified.

If you’re covered by VSP, the Google frames can be use for out of network coverage. Essentially, you can file a claim to get a reimbursement of $47 for the Google frames. Depending on your coverage an eye exam $20 copayment and additional add-ons (transitions, anti-glare, & etc) will run you from $100- $150; totaling approximately $350 (frames + lenses). Not entirely a high price in comparison to my Ray Ban prescription glasses which cost me roughly $400.


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