iPad 3 or iPad HD – What the iPad won’t be for many people – Revolutionary

Many reports and rumors about iPad are just ridiculous. Whether Apple calls the next generation iPad – iPad 3 or iPad HD it will not make a difference. There will always be three camps – 1) Those who will upgrade because they must have the latest and greatest gadget, 2) Those who like to wait and see how the wind blows, and 3) Those who either hate Apple products or don’t want to considered mainstream (we all know they do). When it comes to gadgets, I’m typically in the first camp. However I do jump between 1 & 2 more than people think. Back to the iPad. Now everyone can expect the iPad will have a quad core processor, 4G LTE, retina display, and a better camera (hopefully HD rear camera). Us Geeks however will salvate at the specs in all its goodness and say I gotta have one of those. Yet, besides the specs the majority of people with iPad 2s will fall in camp 2 which leaves a huge number of people who didn’t upgrade to iPad 2 or never had an iPad (but secretly wanted one *cough Android tablet users*) wanting the so called iPad 3/HD right. Wrong! To everyone’s surprise, the next generation iPad won’t be revolutionary. Yes of course everyone (people in Camp 1) will go crazy and stand in extraordinarily long lines to get their hands on the next iPad. Consequently, as soon as the dust settles and the announcement buzz has worn off, everyone will be thinking what will the next iPad (iPad 4) will be like (more rumors – 8in iPad in the Fall). A handful of Camp 2ers will come to the realization that the iPad 3 isn’t all what’s it cut out to be. Maybe I should wait until iPad 4 (or see what this iPad mini is like).  Camp 3 will bash iPad 3 and shout how it barely compares to the Google Ice Cream Sandwich Android tablets coming out this spring.

In any case, I enjoy watching the sheep. Maybe, just maybe I’ll be a sheep too. 🙂

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