My Tech Predictions for 2012

CES starts January 10 and will likely showcase tech products that may launch in 2012. Here’s my prediction of technological innovations and evolutions which will come to past in 2012:
  1. We’ll see Siri like voice recognition functionality included in nearly all electronics such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices.
  2. iPad 3 in April will not see a dramatic change in form factor but will sport a 4G LTE, quad core processor, more RAM, longer battery life and better front/rear cameras.
  3. Microsoft will launch Windows 8 convertible tablets and slates in late 2012.
  4. And in late 2012, Amazon will launch two new Kindle tablets: 1) improved 7 inch Kindle Fire touting a front-facing camera, and 1 GB of RAM and 2) 10 inch Kindle tablet with a front and rear facing camera.
  5. Versons of Xbox Kinect devices will become available for PCs as attachable units that will allow users to be the controller for their PCs vs. keyboard/mouse – Think Minority Report.
  6.  iPhone 5 will sport a new sleek design, 4G LTE, improved Siri artificial intelligence, FaceTime over 3G, and enhanced, more robust Notification Center (widgets).
  7. Internet-connected/augmented reality eyewear will be available in 2012 with head up display (HUD) and Siri like voice recognition functionality.
  8. Self-driving cars in 2012 will come to fruition later this year.
  9. Google+ will gain momentum in 2012 in particular businesses, celebrities, & politicians will use Google+ more to connect with their audience using Google Pages/Hangouts.
  10. Robotics in the home will become a reality for some individuals in 2012 and go mainstream in 5 years.

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