PlayStation Home Gets Makeover – More Virtual Items, New Virtual Spaces to enjoy!


Sony Computer Entertainment Americas (SECA) just launched a total redesign of it's core spaces in PlayStation Home, a 3D virtual space where users create avatars, play free online games, and hangout with their PSN friends.


 The PlayStation Home makeover includes updates like:


  • The Hub- a central point of interaction within Home with teleportation pods to various districts within Home.  It's the place to get information on community activities and meet new friends.


  • Sportswalk – an themed sports bar area geared towards the sport fans at heart that features a several poker tables, a interactive Sports Quiz machine, and  big screen TVs piping real world sports news from the Associated Press.


  • Action District – a space suited for hardcore gamers containing a first person shooter game called Bootlegger and ports to other action oriented areas of Home.


Other updates include a totally redesigned Mall and Theatre. I think current Home users who frequent the mall will enjoy the walk-in store experience that comes with this update. However, not all stores are accessible for walk-in but there are quite a few like the Threads, Ndreams, & Estates stores. It will be interesting to see a walk-in experience compares to the store front experience. A normal store front for those who aren't familiar with Home only allows your Avatar to entry into the door before the PSN Store displays onscreen. The new walk-in store are more realistic where you Avatar look around inside the store before deciding to make a purchase a the counter.  In many ways this yields several opportunities  for content creators to highlight certain specials or items in the store. 




Lastly, the ability to purchase music to play in our personal space (apartments and clubs) adds a nice addition as well. Hopefully, one day we'll be able to stream music from our PS3.




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