Amazon Wants You To get Your Kindle Fire Ready Play Music

In exactly two weeks (Nov 15), Amazon will launch their new Kindle Fire tablet here in the US.  In preparation, Amazon wants you to get started started with loading your Amazon Cloud Drive with tons of stuff like music, pictures, and documents so its accessible from your Kindle Fire on Day 1. All Kindle Fires are automatically registered and will be able to download your stream/ download your content. Early this year Amazon had a "Buy an MP3 Album and Upgrade to 20 GB of Cloud Drive Storage for Free" offer which has already ended so if you were one of the lucky ones then you got a 20GB free storage for year. If not, then the 5GB free storage in the cloud is plenty for some people. Or is it? Amazon just recently announced unlimited space for music. Now that's enticing!


What I think Amazon should do is give all Kindle Fire users 20GB of cloud storage for the first year; this will hook people into the idea of loading their music into the cloud and have them buy-in to the idea of having premium storage (20GB/yr). Then for users who had an opportunity to take advantage of the other offer earlier this year or purchase the 20GB plan, I would bump them up 50GB for a year. Keep in mind Amazon is given all Amazon Cloud Drive users unlimited storage of music so whatever is music is stored won't take up your storage space.