Blackberry Playbook Dropped by $200

2265381 Front Large

You can now purchase the Playbook for $200 at Best Buy. After reports came out that the Kindle Fire and Playbook were based off the similar tablet template, RIMM must have decided to dropped the price of the 16 GB Playbook WIFI model to $299. At a $299 price tag the Playbook seems enticing especially since it's equipped with a front facing and rear 5MP camera. The hardware is awesome. The only thing missing for me is content, content, content. No store to purchase music, books, and videos.  

Also, word on the street says the RIMM Blackberry Playbook is going the way of the HP touchPad. RIMM will not be in the tablet market anymore so what you buy today will mostly likely not be supported in years to come. 

Everyone who thought the Amazon tablet was an iPad killer got it wrong! The Kindle Fire is no iPad killer. With only two days after the Amazon announcement, it's definitely a Playbook Killer which didn't take much since it was already had one foot in the grave. 🙂


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