Kindle Fire Preordered – Here’s Why!

"If the desktop is a truck and the iPad is a car then the Kindle Fire is a motorcycle", says Nilay Patel from the Verge.



Like a motorcycle the Kindle Fire is missing some essential components to be deemed a productivity or enterprise device.  For one, there doesn't appear to be a Calendar app, nor the ability to add your enterprise email such as Exchange. The Kindle Fire is purely a content consumption device. This in my opinion makes it a excellent form factor for reading (Kindle books & docs), watching videos (Amazon Videos & Netflix), reading emails, and browsing the Internet on the fly.  


Where do all these 3 devices fit into my life? My desktop is equipped with a 23 inch screen monitor, a terabyte of internal storage and very fast processor with lots of RAM  and is good for high-end tasks – photo and video editing or web development. Do I need a truck on a daily basis? No, but in my field it's needed. And since I'm mobile or at least want the option I have the iPad (1stGen) yet at times I'm finding  the size is a bit much especially when reading ebooks in bed. And because I could never justify buying a $100 ereader that only served one purpose this is the reason why I strayed away from buying a Nook or Kindle. The Nook color was enticing however most of all my ebooks were on Kindle; couple with the fact I'm a Amazon Prime member, the Kindle Fire makes perfect sense to me.  Check back with me in a few months. I'll either love it as a 3rd device or put it up for sale in a heart beat.


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