Google Can I Get a 3D Virtual Hangout on Google+?

I'm still a huge fan of virtual worlds. I think they offer a unique value and opportunity to understand how we interact with each other online. At one point, (5-6 years ago), virtual worlds such as Second Life was the buzz. Business Week featured the first Second Life millionaire, Ashne Chung and touted the phenomenon of the virtual economy and micro transactions. At one point, Google decided to join the virtual world game with Google Lively which ended up being short lived.  What was Google Lively? Google Lively was a web-based virtual world that allowed up to 20 people to coexist in a virtual space using 3D avatars. Users could chat; watch YouTube videos and view photos together (sort of like Google Hangout). It was Google's first stab at immersive virtual environment. Google Lively was shut down in December 2008 and the project was never revived. With MMOs like World of Warcraft making millions of dollars on virtual goods I wonder why Google won't revive Google Lively or revamped virtual world integrated with Google+.  I like how Kaneva uses a 2D social networking site and 3D virtual environment together. This melding of 2D and 3D is what I believe to be the future of the Internet – the 3D Internet. Now that Google has Google+ I think it would be advantageous for them to integrate something like Google Lively into Google+. And I think they should call it Virtual Hangout.  Imagine being able to customize your virtual space with virtual furniture, have photos from your Piasco album stream to picture frames placed on the wall of your virtual pad, and in the living room sits a huge TV screen to stream YouTube videos and movies. 



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