Google+ screws up my workflow.


So far I'm really like Google+. I reminds me of Friend Feed in so many ways. Mostly, I'm into Google+ right now because it's the new kid on the block but damn it really screws up my blog posting workflow. Here's why! I start a blog post each day spending any where to 10-15 minutes. Sometimes this entails firing up GMail to compose a new mail at other times it might be using  OneNote or some other editing tool (whatever floats my boat at the time). I like Posterous for what it does best and that's auto posting which basically allows me to blast one single blog post to multiple social media channels – Blogger, LinkedIn, Buzz, Twitter, Facebook, & etc. Now maybe I got this new Google+ thing all wrong but I want Google+ to be include in that push too. What I don't understand is if it shows up in Buzz why doesn't it show as a post on Google+.

For the time being, I'll continue to use Posterous for blog posting and share the link to my blog post on Google+. Using Google+ for me makes more sense than any other social networking site because I'm constantly on Google or using Gmail, Reader and a host of Google products and services. 

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