A Taste of Google+ Finally

I was just invited into Google+ today (YEAH!)  and I have to say it feels a lot different from the standard social networking site (*cough Facebook*). I can't pinpoint it yet but my initial reaction to Google+ is that it feels like a  mesh of a Twitter, Instagram, and Skype rolled up into one. Although I haven't had an opportunity to try out a Google Hangout session yet (hope to get one started later this week), Google+ for now will be my primary social media venue (besides LinkedIn) for sharing (both incoming/outgoing). I want to be able to use Posterous to curate all of my social media posts into single push. Posterous has a Buzz autopost so I'll guess I'll have to be patient and wait until the day that Google+ releases the API. Facebook will still be in there somewhere like when I like to connect with family (need to get them on Google+). Last night, I introduced to my mom docs.com (the Facebook/Microsoft Beta project). Basically, she wanted to share a family reunion flyer  with members of our family who were on Facebook yet she didn't want to spam all of her friends. Facebook would not allow her to post the document (only pics are allowed to post on walls). After going to http://docs.com, uploading the document and selecting the connected Facebook members she was able to share that document online with ease. I envision Google adding Google+ Circle integration to Google Docs in the near future. With the ability to do group video chat and sharing of documents, Google+ will turn out to be a powerful collaboration tool. Look out Microsoft Lync!


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