Google+ Hangout vs Facebook Skype Video Chat – The Battle Begins


Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg announced Skype video chat for Facebook. Now with over 750 million users, Facebook users will be able to video chat with their friends and family without needing to install the Skype client, setup an account or add contacts. Skype video chat is fully baked into Facebook's website. Facebook announced group (text) chat but not give a date on group video chat which is something Google+ already offers. I can see this being a huge hit for the Facebook community. For years, I've been trying to get family members into Skype but the process took to long or complicated for some. With Facebook it's just one click (given you have the plugin installed) and your doing Skype video chat with loved ones. Plus, nearly every laptop or net book is equipped a webcam of some sort. You know that little circle object at the top center of you monitor that never gets used. In fact, I'll going to try Facebook video chat with my mom this weekend to see how it goes. Video chat has always been around for awhile but hasn't gone mainstream in the sense it's not widely used by everyone. Google+ Hangout and Facebook Video chat coupled with Apple's FaceTime is making a fundamental change in how people think of and use video chat.  

The outcome of the battle between Google+ and Facebook is too earlier to gauge yet I do see a world where the two juggernauts can coincide. Facebook video chat being used by the average Internet/Facebook user and Google+ Hangout used primarily by us geeks, academia, and small to medium sized businesses. 

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