Certificate in Virtual Worlds from the University of Washington this Fall – Should I Enroll?

The University of Washington is offering a certificate in Virtual Worlds this Fall (October). This 9 month online program that covers selecting and using virtual worlds for various types of organizations, how to design and create virtual worlds for hosting business interactions, conferences, and etc. The objective of the program is designed to help you learn how to design and evaluate virtual worlds and determine the practical, applied and business potential of virtual worlds. This is one of the first certificate programs in Virtual Worlds offered by an accredited university. The dilemma is –  I also begin my dissertation phase of  my PhD program at Capella this Fall. Although this certificate program closely aligned with this dissertation topic, I don't want to stretch myself too thin. The dissertation process is not to be taken lightly. If planned appropriately, I should be able to complete my dissertation in little over a year (approx 16 months) since I'm conducting a qualitative research design approach (less for a quantitative research). The question I have to ask myself – Can this certificate wait until I've completed my dissertation? Yes! However, if I somehow uncover something through the pursuit of this certificate program that could assist in my dissertation then it may be worth juggling both. I know but at what cost? Time! Potential delay in competing my dissertation at least by a couple of months and more time in general. And time is something I don't have much of these days. Tackling work, planning, writing, and conducting research study for my dissertation, potentially teaching as an adjunct at a local college, and attending the University of Washington for this certificate in virtual worlds is too much indeed. I think the certificate program will have to wait until next Fall or Spring 2013. What do you think?

Thanks for listening! Leave a comment if you agree or disagree with my decision. 🙂

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