Google Plus – Something Different & Potential to Change the Game


Google Plus connects people in a unique way not currently offered by other social platforms.  Circles are at the heart of Google Plus enabling users to define a variety of circles – Family Circles, College Buddies, and etc.  The other big imitative of Google Plus is group video chat closing tied to your circles you create in Plus. When a person starts a Hangout, you get to view who in your Circles are available to hangout in group chat. Hangout supports up to 10 people for free so 10 family members responsible for on the planning & preparation for the next Family Reunion can group video chat to go over ideas, milestones for the Family Reunion.  Another feature of hangout currently is the ability to share/watch YouTube videos together.

Instead of the Wall, Google Plus gives us Sparks. Sparks is a creative way to share videos, articles with family and friends (remnants of FriendFeed). Simply, add an interest and you'll see a collection of featured interests.

I tweeted yesterday that Google Plus was a Facebook killer. Not because Plus offers not only offers something new or fresh but for the simple fact is social media is still evolving. There's still much to learn about online social interactions and what may be the buzz of today can soon be the MySpace of tomorrow. So I bet in 3 years we'll hear in the news that Facebook has been sold or bought.  And in 5 years Facebook will in the same boat MySpace is in today – Dead.

I envision Google taking Plus to the next level in the near future – adding 3D element to Plus (Google Plus merged with Google Earth + Second Life) where circle of friends can meet in a simulated environment to hangout and chat in real-time using Avatars. Imagine being able to hangout with friends and family in Google Plus. Either spontaneously or scheduled the group decides to in-world to take their hangout to the next level doing everything from exploring a virtual replica of a vacation spot or challenge each other to a game of virtual bowling or chess. This merger of 2D and 3D will cement Google's standing in the social networking space for decades to come. 


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