The Meaning of Virtual Worlds – Part 2


I spent the last week blogging about social computing and virtual worlds in particular for several reasons. First, I've been researching the topic for years yet I still don't have a definition that a layperson could understand. It's the same with social media. People are just now getting somewhat of an idea about social media to some degree. Thanks to the help of Facebook and Twitter which combined has approximately 1 Billion users. The Internet is evolving. It has grown to be more collaborative and social over the past decade. The younger generations spend more time watching movies and socializing on the Internet then any other generation before them. So why should we care about virtual worlds? Hell, I ask myself that question sometimes. The science fiction of the 50s/60s is a reality for many. The future is here. We live in a world where it's possible to interact with people from across the globe in simulated environments. The technology to create virtual personas of ourselves that be controlled with our thoughts is within reach. Virtual worlds are simulated computer environments that are interconnected spaces allowing people to collaborate and socialize with colleagues, friends or family. These environment offer us the opportunity to reach beyond our physical boundaries and exist in a world different from our own. environments have the ability for user-generated content.   


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