Living As Surrogates Is a Reality


Has anyone seen the Surrogates movie starring Bruce Willis? This movie closely resembles the subculture of virtual worlds of today. This was my second time watching this movie; first at the movies and again last night on TV so brought back memories of life in the virtual world of Second Life. Very much like the Surrogates movie, Second Life was an escape from the reality for many people. It offered individuals who were handicap or obese to portray themselves in a different way. In some cases, people spent their entire existence in-world running businesses; anywhere from clothing stores to entertainment venues. This phenomenon still exists today so I’m surprised to see so many people surprised when I discuss this phenomenon – People are living their lives as surrogates today. Not as androids like in the movie, but as virtual avatars in a three-dimensional environments full of pixels and computer generated beings. The virtual world can be very tricky place. Many people aren’t who they seem in-world. Because of the nature of Second Life, people like to role play and live out their fantasies so it’s not out of the ordinary to hear about a guy playing an exotic female avatar for kicks. Or a female who wants to experience life from the male perspective. Others represent themselves as animals, fictitious characters from a book (it’s like being at DragonCon). You can be whatever you want to be in Second Life or any other virtual world. You can model your avatar after yourself and experience the virtual world they way you would in real life. The potential for the next generation of society to completely live as surrogates is not a long stretch. As technology continues to advance and the human computer interaction develops to the point where we can control our computers with merely a thought is truly 5 to 8 years from becoming a reality.


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