Virtual Swag- The Future of eCommerce

I always talk about the experience of others in virtual worlds but do I rarely discuss my personal experience with purchasing virtual items in virtual worlds. I know to some the concept sounds crazy. The response I get when telling the story of others is do they really spend real money to buy fake stuff. What loser would spend real money on fake stuff! The concept of paying for the ability to access pixels from a virtual character or avatar sounds ludicrous to many but if you really look at it in a different light, it’s no difference then paying $8 a month to Neflix for the privilege to stream movies to your TV, computer or mobile devices. Of course, paying for a Netflix account is acceptable today. Will the concept of purchasing virtual items be the norm in 5 years. Virtually, I own (no have access to) to 10 different virtual themed apartments and homes ($4 dollars each) in PlayStation Home. I have more residences than I would have ever accumulate in real life. Each virtual space is sort of like my own virtual vacation spot or getaway from the hustle and bustle of the real world; an escape from reality. Along with the virtual themed residences come the clothing and objects to make the experience complete. I know this is really a new phenomenon yet you have to wonder if this will be mainstream in the future.

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