Could 3D Virtual Conferencing Really Takeoff?


3D virtual conferencing will become the next evolution of web conferencing tools used today. I believe in the few years we could see 3D virtual conferencing really taking off as next emerging phenomenon for organization looking to take web conferencing to the next level. Ayaya Web.Alive is already on the frontline providing organizations with on-demand, web-based 3D collaborative virtual environment. Web.Alive is meant for enterprise to have virtual face to face meetings via the browser yet the service is open to individuals as well. With Web.Alive you’ll get your very own personal space to conduct events and meetings. For instance, organizations could offer around the clock virtual help desk and technical support where customers could interact with a real representative behind the avatar. The feeling of self-presence (or telepresence) gives the users a sense of interacting with a real person face-to-face. Trainers could setup virtual training rooms where students can engage and collaborate with the instructor in real-time using visual cues such as raising your hand, conduct group activities and etc. Marketing and sales could hold virtual tradeshows showcase their products and services. The benefit of traditional web conference is well-known. The 3D virtual conference could potentially change the face virtual communication today.

With all the benefits will we see this taking over the GoToMeeting and WebEx web conference tools of today?



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