Going Virtual – Living in the Virtual World


With the advancement in technology today, businesses could really benefit from going virtual. The concept of virtual environments is one of the most intriguing technological advances we have encountered in the social computing arena. My first encounter with virtual worlds began in 2002. In that time, I've discovered so many awesome things that I would never think possible. Once of the most intriguing and most intriguing discoveries is how popular virtual items have become and the ability to customize your avatar appearances to the degree where they’re almost life-like. This by far has been one of my exciting activities for me – the ability to experiment with various styles and appearances in-world. Once I explored with various facial hair styles to see what I looked like with a full beard, mutton chops, and etc. I eventually settled on goatee. Since many of my avatars were humanoids (with the exception of a few robots), I would purchase clothing items just to get an idea of what certain clothing would look like on me. For example, in PlayStation Home, I purchase virtual clothing at the Diesel store to see what items looked best. I did the same thing when shopping for furniture in my home office; allowing me to try out various styles of desks and sofas in my virtual apartment. At the time, this got me thinking about the feasibility of malls creating their own social virtual communities based on landscape of the real world mall. Imagine the possibility of being able to purchase virtual items, virtual replicas of the real thing, to pimp out your virtual life and buy that very same item in real life.


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