Goal: Writing for 10 Ten Minutes A Day #phd

Today, begins the first day in which I will push myself to write for at least 10 minutes each day in an attempt to get my creative juices flowing and get in the habit of writing everyday. In the past, I would write a blog whenever the feeling arose but in the spirit of trying to transition from being a practitioner-scholar to a scholar-practitioner I plan on getting in the practice of writing for at least 10 minutes a day in preparation for comps and dissertation.  For those of you who wasn't aware, I just completed my coursework in my program which is in partial fulfillment of the degree requirements for a PhD in Information Technology. Next month, I will start my Comprehensive exams which will encompass three questions, 15 pages each. I have 28 days to complete all three questions. Then, I'll work my dissertation with a mentor. It should take me approximately 18 months to complete my dissertation – that's 5 chapters – roughly 200 pages. Yes, it's a book! I'll go over my dissertation topic at a later day but for now my tentative dissertation topic is the purchase experience of millennials (Gen Y) in social virtual worlds. 

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