RulerPhone iPhone App Quick Review

Measure anything your iPhone can take a picture of. RulerPhone uses the iPhone’s built-in camera and a credit card-sized item (MetroCard, Drivers License, Gift Card, etc.) to turn the device into a measuring tape. RulerPhone uses named card as a reference to measuring anything in the frame. It’s a great on-the-go tool for apartment-hunters, furniture-buyers, or anyone requiring a quick measurement. View a video demo and more instructions.

RulerPhone provides tips on how to get the most accuracy measurement.


In three easy steps, you measure any object. First, take a photo using your iPhone or use an existing one you already taken.



Second, position and lock the virtual card.


Finally, drag your finger across the object you want measured.


RulerPhone is the best ruler app for the iPhone. I only wish I had this app a couple of weeks ago when I was HomeDepot. Now, RulerApp will be the tool I use whenever I need to measure anything on the go.


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