DataCase App Review

I’ve been waiting for this app since I heard about several weeks ago. As a student/professional, this app is great for reading articles (in pdf or Word format). The mere fact of being able to zoom-in and rotate the documents to  landscape mode is golden.  This is way better then using email to read attachments. Setup was fairly easy on Windows. All you need to do is setup a Share (http or ftp) in Windows then drag and drop files wirelessly to your iPhone/ipod touch.



In DataCase you can add you own volumes and assign permissions. By default two volumes are created for you: Drop Box and Shared Files.




This is the app in landscape mode which makes it easier to read files.


DataCase is a short on documentation on how to setup a Share in Windows and Mac. Including helpful hints within the app itself will be beneficial in instructing users unfamiliar with adding FTP and shares. I also would like to see an update that allows me to move files between volumes. DataCase is $6.99 in the App store and works with the iPhone and iPod touch.


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