YouNote is a iPhone / iPod touch application that allows you to take audio, picture, drawn, text, and web notes within one application. Unlike EverNote, YouNote doesn’t sync other devices. Regardless, I’m finding YouNote very handy for doodling my ideas and taking screen shots of websites while on the go. However, I do use EverNote and YouNote interchangeably. YouNote is good for quick note to store on the iPhone only.





I can now take a quick screen shots from the iphone.  And the doodle feature is cool too. I only wish they included a color palette and paint bucket.











YouNote is free in the app store. Hopefully, they’ll include a feature to email notes.






2 thoughts on “YouNote

  1. Hi there!

    It’s been a few months since you wrote this; and your review was exactly right–YouNote is great, except for the fact that you can’t email notes. They promised and promised, and it still hasn’t happened.

    So, to that end, I’m still looking for an iPhone app that meets my needs, so maybe you can help me…

    I want to be able to work on an email draft on my iPhone, and maybe even store 2-3 email drafts at a time. I want to be able to attach photos to those email drafts–full-size images, not 640×480. Whenever I’m ready, I want to be able to send out those emails that I’ve had stored…

    So why, you ask? For blogging. So why not use regular iPhone email? Well, the 640×480 thing, and the fact that drafts are not stored locally, and take FOR-EVA to reload. I want to store a draft locally, attach a photo, then email when I’m ready. Shouldn’t be that hard to find, right? Well, it has been for me… 😦

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