Palringo Instant Messaging on the iPhone

Palringo is a rich multimedia instant messaging app that integrates with AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo IM, Google Talk, ICQ, & Jabber.  And to boot, it has group chat room feature to chat amongst people with common interests.



Palringo is what I’ve always wanted on my iPhone. I can stay in touch with with all my contacts via IM regardless of what platform they are using. And the ability to create virtual workspaces where I can chat with my friends and family. So I setup group called Tech Advances for a class I’m taking. In the group I’ll invite classmates so we can chat live regarding class assignments.



Palringo is IM on steriods. I can take or add pictures right from my iPhone. And soon they plan to give us iPhone users the ability to send voice chat over IM.



It took me a bit to find this in the UI but managing my contacts and my status is fairly easy. Just click the little icon in the right-hand corner to change your status. To remove a contact from any contact from any IM setup is very similar to removing a Contact from your list.


Palringo for the iPhone is FREE from the app store. All you need to do after installing on your iPhone is create an account on The app has minor bugs and crashes. I’ve been able to connect to Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, and AIM without any problems.


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