Pandora Radio Review


Pandora on the iPhone is a gem. FlyTunes used to be my most favorite iPhone/iPod touch radio app. Until I began using Pandora on the iPhone.  I’m a big fan of old school HipHop so the ability to bookmark and/or buy a song from iTunes is the coolest feature for me.




You’re the DJ. With Pandora you’re in control of the radio stations. Simply, add a song, artist, or album.




Pandora rocks on the iPhone. Get for FREE at the App store.



3 thoughts on “Pandora Radio Review

  1. Pandora iPhone App is amazingly similar to the Pandora program available on the PC. Register and you can begin creating radio stations. Just pick a favorite artist and the app will provide you with songs by him or her along with others that have a similar sound.

  2. idonjuan is a very cool app. Not only can you have fun fooling your buddies into thinking your the coolest cat around, but you can also use the app for other things, like recording notes for yourself etc.

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