One of the first apps I installed on my iPhone was SplashID. SplashID is a password management tool built for the iPhone/iPod touch devices.  In the past I’ve used FlexWallet and recently Sbp Wallet to carry all my passwords securely on a Windows Mobile device. So it was essential that I have this tool on my iPhone.



In my opinion, the SplashID app so far is the best password manager available for the iPhone/iPod touch. Why? Because it syncs with wireless with your desktop application. I wish I had this feature with other tools like FlexWallet and Sbp Wallet.  In addition, allows you to edit your own categories and assign new fields to records. For example, if you need to add an email address and alternate email address then there are approx 5 additional fields you can customize to your liking.



The look and feel of SplashID is pretty good. The large icons and text are easy to read and usable. The Tools area is where you go to set passwords, edit categories, and setup synchronization to your PC.  This app is very robust and the sync works great if you have the desktop version of desktop sync running. 




Overall, SplashID is the must have App on your iPhone. It runs on both Mac and PC yet the desktop version of the costs $19.99 which I was hesitant at first until I read it was needed to sync your data wirelessly. In the next version, I hope they add the ability to sync more than one computer. And they should really improve on the user interface of the desktop version to include a search feature. Not to mention the ability to import XML records. Because this app was not compatible with FlexWallet or Spb Wallet, I am forced to manually enter my records.  The SplashID is $9.99 in the App store. 




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